Game of Thrones is Back! And I've Been To Westeros.

A friend of mine posted a video from TIME of all the most breath taking places Game of Thrones was filmed. It was then that I realized I've been to most of the ones in Malta and Northern Ireland. I'll break each one down in a later post, but for now I wanted to share a few of my fave shots since the Season 7 Premiere is tonight! They were all absolutely beautiful.

1. The Iron Islands (NORTHERN IRELAND)

Dunluce Castle.Better known as the Greyjoy’s home on the Iron Islands.

2. King's Landing (MALTA)


The old walled city in Mdina, Malta, where Ned Stark meets an untimely end.

3. The Dark Hedges (BELFAST)


Famous for many scenes, including the infamous Sansa Stark's escape.

4. Giant's Causeway (NORTHERN IRELAND)

Many pivotal scenes throughout the Seven Kingdoms were filmed here, since the terrain is so varied. Ocean, rock formations and mountains dot the coast!

Not to worry, I'll be breaking down each area, how to get there and even how to organize your own tour very soon! Enjoy the show.

xo, Jos