Happy Earth Day! A Visual Love Letter


It's Earth Day! Being more of a city girl, it wasn't until the last few years that I discovered I actually love being in nature. It's a beautful reminder of how small you and your problems are. It's an artistry that can only be created by a Higher Power.

I love hiking (albeit very small inclines) and trekking along cliffs and hills, and then suddenly being rewarded with jaw dropping views of mountains or sea, making the inevitable sweat and bug bites worth it. I love swimming, whether it's a beach in Martha's Vineyard or a cenote in Mexico. I'm obsessed with certain animals: elephants, penguins, llamas, sheep and giraffes are probably my top five. Sunsets are the most romantic thing ever, and flowers just feed my soul. All of these things work together to keep our planet and lives going. It breaks my heart to see how some people treat it. Now, I'm not the most earth conscious person, but I respect it enough to not litter, I recycle, and I don't have a car (although I live in NYC so it's easy not to). My goal this year is to travel more sustainably, including walking more or taking local public transportation when possible, and respecting wildlife regulations and researching humane treatment efforts before interacting with animal attractions. I will be buying local and sustainable souvenirs and services, and to stay at locally run or eco-friendly accommodations when I can. It may not be possible every time, but if we all make even a tiny more effort, it would make all the difference. I've collected some of my most awe inspiring moments I've had in nature lately in celebration of our one and only planet Earth.  Every day should be Earth Day.

What's your best memory in nature? Enjoy!

The Coast of Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

The flowers of Rome, Italy

The Beaches of Costa Rica

Sunsets in Martha's Vineyard

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


The Mediterranean Seas of Malta


The Moroccan Desert Landscape

The Spanish Countryside

Mexican Cenotes

Virginian Backwoods