A Year of Travels: My Best Moments of 2017


2017 was one CRAZY year! I left my job in NYC, and my husband and I moved to Ireland. We spent 4 months traveling, and even once we were back in the US. Things didn't slow down. I wanted to take advantage of working remotely and spend lots of time with family and friends. I went to New York for Fashion Week, worked ESSENCE Festival, spent a week in Martha's Vineyard for my Dad's 65th Birthday, and even took my 91 year old Grandmother on her first trip to Disney world. I explored the wine region at vineyards in Long Island for a bachelorette weekend, watched my nephew's championship game in New Jersey, and bought a new house! Check out the video roundup below. I'm so glad I took time to capture so many special moments.

I will say that of course I'm only sharing the good parts of 2017. There was a good chunk of bad stuff too, but I'd rather celebrate all that I was blessed with this past year. I hope 2018 is a wonderful fresh start for everyone. 


So much love to you all.