I Needed A Moment

Oh, hey there.


It's been a long time,


shouldn't have left you


(but needed to).

OK so in all honesty, I needed several moments. So many moments that I haven't posted since March and it is now July. I have at least 5 stories sitting in my drafts. But I'll say this, I love that I am still learning about myself even though I've existed for decades. I came to a realization shortly after leaving for Ireland: I don't like to write AS I'm traveling. I planned on giving moment to moment updates of my adventures and well, I was too busy adventuring. The past few years of over-sharing on social media hit me suddenly one day. I asked myself why I needed to hurry up and find a cafe with wifi so I could post a picture of me eating gelato in Rome, instead of taking a good 30 minutes just to savor every morsel of gelato, then take my husband's hand, and go roll in the grassy lawn in front of the Colosseum. Why can't I do that? Who's telling me I can't? I should write when I want, when I feel inspired and when I have the energy to. This blog isn't my job (yet) so the rushing and the pressure was too much on top of living abroad, working two actual jobs remotely, and waiting in hour long immigration lines every other week (although the end destination was always worth it).

All that being said, I did, ate, learned and saw so much. I'm excited to share it ALL with you, and re-share it with myself since it's already starting to be one big blur. Keep a look out for fun nuggets, like my first impressions after moving to Ireland, my top hotel picks in Marrakech, and dining in the same place where Mozart once ate.

Now that I am stateside (and with a new house!) for the time being, I also want to focus more on the lifestyle section, since I am currently obsessed with shopping for things like velvet couches, going to flea markets and making my own ridiculously furry pillows. Stuff like that.

I'll also be planning out my future travels, with wish lists and dream abodes so that when I'm ready, I can just go.

Oh and lastly I only work part time now! That means more time to devote to hooking you all up with all my fave tips and tricks on all of the above and more. I'm getting more out of the office every day. I have more energy just thinking about it!

Love love and more love,