One Magical Mexican Treehouse You Just Have To See

There will always be some things in life that bring out your inner kid. A ball pit, sledding, or those huge parachutes you'd run under in gym class make me positively giddy with delight. So when my husband and I stumbled upon a massive tree house resort on the beach in Tulum, Mexico, I was in heaven. Add the bonus of it being an adults only maze of palm trees, bridges and swings and I wish you all the luck on leaving this place.

The main road lined with hotels and beachfront resorts.

The main road lined with hotels and beachfront resorts.

The entrance is kind of hidden which added to my excitement. Not being able to see exactly what I was walking into made the reveal that much sweeter. Every space is connected by bamboo and wooden bridges. We asked to be shown to the restaurant and a friendly staff member showed us the way. Thank goodness he did because this place was a maze of palm trees.

We had what was definitely the most healthy meal of our trip here. Since it was morning we enjoyed fresh squeezed juice and coffee. I had a surprisingly good spread of veggies over hummus with toast and my husband had a tasty crepe. We enjoyed looking up at a canopy of palms. I could've sat there for hours but we wanted to explore.

From a higher level we realized that this place was pretty big, with rooms in the trees as well as ones on the beach

We got a sneak peak at some of the suites which were gorgeous. I only snapped a few so do yourself a favor a click the link at the bottom of this post!


Once I saw the mosaic tile bathtub open to the elements and this swing facing the endless blue ocean, I was convinced I could live like this forever!

We then made our way down to the beach for a drink (or two) and a lazy few hourz in the sun. There were only about four other people out at the time so the sound of the ocean was the only noise. We had a bit of a surprise when a very naked, very tan man strolled confidently right by us and got into the water. When they said adults only they weren't kidding. Confession: I've always wanted to go to a nude beach, but first a few squats and sit-ups would be in order.

Be sure to visit this crafty little bar where you can swing and sip your tequilla sunrise.

On our way out (I was mentally kicking and screaming) I noticed the giant hammocks suspended above me where guests can lounge and read. The whole resort has that off the grid feel. You can only get wifi in certain areas to help you disconnect. Next time I'm in Tulum I will definitely be staying a night or two (or 10) here and shut out the busy digital world we live in. See more pics on the website. Thank you Azulik Resort and Maya Spa for having us for the day!