My Top 10 Airbnb & Hotel Picks: Rome

image copyrights: Moyan Brenn

image copyrights: Moyan Brenn

Rome will most likely be my first stop once we're settled here in Ireland. Naturally I've already picked out my dream places to call home during our stay. Does anyone else have as much fun as I do when looking? I get so excited hunting for potential hotels and Airbnbs for a trip. I was thrilled to discover that Airbnbs in Rome are pretty cheap! Hotels not so much, but some of them have amazing character. I always base my searches on the same criteria, which I'll get into on another post, but one of my number one must haves is something insta-worthy! On to my 10 picks!


Beautiful penthouse in Trastevere

I love the clean natural feel to this historic penthouse. A fireplace would be perfect since we are going in the winter. (from $76/night)


I thought I'd throw in this wildcard modern duplex since most places that appeal to me have an older vintage look. This spot genuinely looks like a gallery, complete with an easel and paint, which will bring me back to my days in art school. (from $90/night)

The G-Rough Hotel

While definitely a splurge, the washed walls and luscious velvet furniture are enough to sell me. Then I looked at the bathrooms and just about died. (from $350/night)

Sweet Home Trastevere

Best bang for your buck! I love the attic like feel to this cozy flat. (from $60/night)


I may have hard time convincing my husband to sleep (or do other things) in what looks like an old church, but I love it. (from $149/night)


This hotel is just plain sexy. If you abhor bright rooms it's even better, with its dim and moody lighting. The plush furniture and bedding makes it extra cozy. (from $214/night)

Studio Teatro Valle

This beautiful loft style studio leads right out into a courtyard, perfect for a cup of tea in the morning. (from $65/night)

The Corner Townhouse
A hotel with modern charm and some bomb looking bathtubs. I'm ready for a good soak. (from $107/night)

Via della Scala

A villa for rent via One Fine Stay, this spot boats beautiful pops of color, has a terrace and two bedrooms. The little alley it's tucked into is the very definition of a Roman Holiday. (from $380/night)

Babuino 181 Hotel

I'm digging the modern and luxurious platform beds complete with a suspended canopy. (from $380/night)

Which one should I choose?

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