Photo by Joslyn Blair

Photo by Joslyn Blair

Joslyn Blair


Oh hey, I'm Joslyn! A Houston Born, Ohio Bred, Rhode Island raised former New Yorker. I lived a very hectic life in the big city. Working in fashion at several different magazines really left lasting effects on my life, some good, some bad. While I've worked with amazingly talented people, sat front row at fashion shows, photographed major celebrities and got VIP treatment at parties, there were some series 'Devil Wears Prada' moments I could've done without. The long hours and trapped feeling of having to go to the same place day after day, was taking it's toll. I needed a break. So when my husband got a job offer that would take us overseas, I quit my job to freelance and see other parts of the US and the world, giving me a permanent 'out of office' notice. I have always loved to travel, from my first study abroad to the tiny African nation of Cape Verde at the fearless age of 16. Since those magical moments jumping off docks into clear blue waters, sneaking into clubs to samba with locals, and stuffing myself silly with cachupa, I have wandered as much as possible, seeking that same high. Taking in the food, people and lifestyle wherever I go. As a photographer and photo editor, it feels very natural to share my experiences visually in a cozy, organic way, and offer tips along this road I call life. I'm currently packing for the UK, and open to meeting and collaborating with other travel addicts, foodies and life junkies out there!


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